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Well, as the new year has started to roll, things have really take off around the REAL cool studio I sit in.  One of the awesome improvements that I made this year, was the addition of the Nostromo Razer (stay with me here) gaming controller.  If you edit audio for any length of time, I’d be willing to bet you have had your share of cramped joints, stiff tendons and carpel tunnel.  This intense, really futuristic, and massively functional little device has changed my editing practices for good.

So here’s the skinny.  The Nostromo Razer is a gaming controller (as mentioned) with 15 programmable buttons PLUS a direction pad (D-Pad), a click-able scroll wheel, AND a rockin’ thumb trigger button. I was getting really tired of using a keyboard, and this little bugger fits in the palm of my hand, and makes my editing CRAZY fast.

Here’s my setup (I edit in Adobe Audition CS6):

Thumb Trigger – Start/Stop
D-Pad Up – Record
D-Pad Right – Undo
D-Pad Left – Redo
Button 1 – Ctrl+Shift+N (create new waveform audio file)
Button 3 – Redo
Button 4 – Undo
Button 5 – Delete
Button 7 – Paste
Button 8 – Copy
Button 9 – Toggle Spectral View (AA Specific)
Button 10 – Auto Heal (AA Magic…More on THAT in the next edition)
Button 14 – Cut
Scroll Wheel – Zoom Waveform

Now, I really could be using other buttons, but these are all I need.  It has gotten to the point, that I edit with MAD speed.

Thanks for working with me!  I look forward to chatting soon. Next edition I’ll be talking about cleaning up audio tracks in Adobe Audition CS6

JasonReal Cool Editing Device

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