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I’m always up for a shameless plug of Adobe Audition CS6. There are a boatload of great features that make it my personal goto tool for most of my audio production needs. From the recording environment aesthetics to the magical spectral view, there are far too many features that I regularly use to document them all. Well…maybe I could, but that would be a long blog post OR a million tiny ones. Now, I’d like to talk about one that I use regularly and LOVE LOVE LOVE. The floating gain control.

One Tiny Feature One Massive ImpactScreen Shot 2013-11-19 at 3.04.05 PM

Like I said, there are lots of things I like, but this was one of the features that tipped the scales when I was determining which DAW to invest my time and money into. In Adobe Audition CS6 (and other versions including the new creative cloud), there is the option to have a tiny little box that houses a single knob. This knob is a gain or volume or amplify knob (whatever you feel like calling it). May seem elementary, but it has a profound effect on workflow.

Let me set the stage here a bit. You are recording some audio. Everything is absolutely perfect! You hit every word masterfully, you effectively captured the emotion the writer wanted, you even pronounced the ridiculously hard name of the CEO of the company, BUT…you said one word too loudly, and hit a ‘P’ a bit too hard (I’m not talking a plosive because you didn’t have the mic positioned appropriately or didn’t use a pop filter).

Here is where the magic happens. All you have to do is surgically highlight the section of audio that contains the loud word or loud P, and turn that knob up or down. The waveform will dynamically change so you can visibly match the sound of the audio around the trouble spot. REAL easy way to tweak audio here and there. Ya, you could do this other ways in other programs, but for me…this is a time saving addition that I have found indispensable.

Check out the attached video for a quick how-to. I’ll show you how to quickly fix those tiny volume issues in a jiffy!

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JasonREAL Cool Tiny Knob

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