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Ok, so we are already neck deep in the holiday season, and one thing that is on many merry minds is giving and receiving gifts.  The relatives want to know what you want, you are trying to figure out what to give, and chances are you aren’t contemplating ways to speed up your audio project workflow.  But maybe you should!  As a producer of high-quality audio (which is what all voice actors should be) streamlining production is something that stays top of mind with me pretty regularly.  One of the things I have discussed before that really streamlined my audio is the Razer Nostromo gaming controller.  So this month, I’d like to revisit this device since, after all, the point of this thing is to streamline your audio AND it would make a great gift (you know…from the extended family member that is going to buy you something, but know NOTHING about your life or lifestyle so they have to ask.  Ya…we’ve all been there.)

That REAL Cool Controller (again)

What I really love sharing is tips and tricks that will speed up your audio production workflow, and make your life better (ok…maybe that is a bit of a stretch, but if I had more time for mountain biking because I took LESS time editing, I’d say that makes my life better…but that’s just me).  ANYWAY….I don’t think it is going to be surprising to ANYONE that I love the Razer Nostromo gaming controller for audio editing.  I’ve talked about it a number of times.  I think that my very first newsletter even featured the controller.  HOWEVER…what I have not ever done, is to show you how I use this little piece of magical editing equipment.  So, let’s chat about that!


So apart from looking really darn cool (which is pretty important to me as the real cool guy!), this little piece of equipment is very very comfortable and very very good at streamlining how I produce audio.  I use it ever day for a long time, and I never get tired of grabbing ahold of that shiny blue toy (don’t go there).  I’ve added a little video at the bottom that will show you how I use this thing.  That is really the easiest way to see.  But for the sake of those who like to read, I’ll just type it too.

So I posted the list of settings before, but here they are again (in case you missed my first post ever).  ALSO, I have changed a few settings as I have utilized this bad boy.  So here ya go:

Thumb Trigger – Start/Stop (SPACE)
D-Pad Up – Record (R)
Button 1 – Cmd+Shift+N (create new waveform audio file in AA)
Button 3 – Redo (Cmd+Shift+Z)
Button 4 – Undo  (Cmd+Z)
Button 5 – Delete (DELETE)
Button 7 – Paste  (Cmd+V)
Button 8 – Copy  (Cmd+C)
Button 9 – Toggle Spectral View (I have this set as ‘D’ in my personal AA keyboard shortcuts)
Button 10 – Auto Heal (I have this set as ‘F’ in my personal AA keyboard shortcuts)
Button 14 – Cut  (Cmd+X)
Scroll Wheel (Press) – Escape (ESC)
Scroll Wheel (Scroll) – Move back and forth between markers or beginning and end of audio (Cmd+Left Arrow and Cmd+Right Arrow)

Check out the video and you will see how the settings menu (which they moved from an installed application to a cloud based application) is set up.  If you have questions about how to actually program keys or shortcuts, stick around!  I’ll chat about how to do keyboard shortcuts in my next edition!

JasonThat REAL Cool Nostromo

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