Frequently Asked Questions

We all have questions sometimes, and in the voice over industry things can sometimes be less than straight forward.  To eliminate any confusion, here are a few questions I am asked from time to time.  I can definitely respond to your specific questions with an email or chat on the phone, but to save you some time…here are the ones I answer frequently.  

I would love to talk with you about your project. Voice over rates, as you probably know, vary based on a number of factors like how it will be used, the broadcast area and length of use, and even the market size. With a little information, I can get you a great rate.
I work extremely fast. Most projects can easily be delivered in less than 24 hours. Got a VO emergency? I’ve delivered audio in less than an hour, so just ask. If I can make it happen, I will!
Most people don’t realize that you need a trained professional to sound like a ‘real’ person. Almost every person that reads a script sounds like they are doing just that…reading. A good voice actor will use skill to take the words of the script, and give them life. How do you want to promote yourself?
Absolutely! If you send me a script, I will record an audition, and deliver it to you any way you need it.
I sure can, but only if you request it. If not, I will assume you want me to read it exactly as it is written. First, try reading it aloud. You may be able to fix it without any help. Can you read it in the time allotted without sounding like a cracked out chipmunk? If not, I probably can’t either. If you still need help, I am happy to assist you for a small additional fee.
If you don’t like my first read, I’ll do it again…free.  Just make sure you tell me what you need changed.  While I am good at taking direction, I can’t read minds. After the final audio is delivered, I can absolutely make necessary changes, however, these will be charged at 50% of the original price. That is unless you change the entire script…that is a new project. If you have very specific desires, just detail them for me before we begin. Include any difficult pronunciations as well.
I can work with most methods. Like sending checks? Make it out to Speak With Jason, LLC. Prefer to use PayPal? Send it to: Would you like to just pay by card? I can send you an invoice that you can pay with most major credit cards. Other methods? Email me, and we can chat.